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So I am finally admitting that I am a compulsive shopper/buyer. I don't shop online, thank God, but when I do go shopping, I always end up buying so much more than I had anticipated. Take today, for example. I left my house with the idea that I would only buy a graphic tee and a specific polka dot romper from Forever 21...that went in the hole as soon as I set foot in the mall!

"Ooo H&M! Oh look! Urban Planet!! I must go into Sephora and sample perfumes!! And I can't forget to go to Forever 21 and Garage!"

So I ended up purchasing a whole lot more than I had intended to. After stops in Garage, Bath and Body Works, Forever 21, and Urban Planet, this is whatI walked out with (I even managed to force myself not to even go into Payless).

From Garage I got a grey knit light weight jumper that is very similar to this from Topshop except in grey.

I normally don't go into Bath and Body Works because I have enough perfume and scented candles to last me for the next 4 years. But they had a really attractive display in the front of their store for some new perfumes that drew me in. Usually I go for more subdued and subtle scents, like this one and this one. But this new perfume is absolutely amazing! I bought all three and love them all!

From Forever 21 I got this polka dotted overall romper, and this Guns n' Roses graphic tee with awesome shoulder cutouts for added flair

And finally, from Urban Planet, I bought some basic crop tops and a graphic tee. Now, every time I go shopping, I always, without fail, go to Urban Planet or Stitches (they are the same chain retailers). I absolutely love their clothes! They are so reasonably priced but still great quality. Many items in my current wardrobe are from them and I love them all! Their crop tops are my favourite though.

I'm still trying to get better acquainted with the fashion blogging world but this is one aspect that I really like. So I will definitely make this purchase recaps a more regular thing.

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