YSL Does Combat Pt. 2

Recently, Saint Laurent has been coming out with some amazing new boots! After my post on the Rangers (see here), I thought "why not make it a two-parter and blog about my top two favourite designs?"

So here it is: the Patti combat boot!

What I love about this boot is that it is so simple but the cuff around the shaft of the boot makes it so unique. And because the boot is clean and there are no elements that keep attention solely on the boot, it is so easy to style and in so many ways.

Below are some examples of how to dress these boots up or down, give some edgy to a girly outfit, or complete a biker-chic ensemble Xx.


September Lust List

1. H&M Jumpsuit 
2. Zara Sweater with Faux Leather Sleeves (light mink and khaki) 
3. Zara Striped Dress with Printed Sleeves
4. Zara Printed Trousers with Side-Zip
5. Forever 21 Boat Neck Dress
6. American Apparel Unisex Reversible Easy Sweater (menthe/natural)
7. Urban Planet Work Boots (tan)
8. Urban Planet Faux Leather Colour Block Booties (black)



My Favourite Trends

Just a quick post about my favourite trends and looks this season Xx.

1. Heels with Boyfriend Jeans

2. Backpacks/Rucksacks

3. Black Leather Combat Boots

YSL Does Combat Pt. 1

Saint Laurent has recently come out with some new styles for the iconic and classic combat boot.

One of my favourite designs from them is the studded Ranger boots.

I love the classic lace-up boot look but how edgy and modern the studs and straps look. And even though the studs make the boots look incredibly badass, the boots would compliment a feminine outfit extremely well simply because of the black leather and shorter shaft.

Here are some ways that I would style the Rangers Xx.

Check out part 2 here!


Back to School Essentials

Well, after 2 weeks of classes and two back to school shopping trips (#brokestudent), I have come up with a list of back to school essentials based off of what I have seen being worn around campus Xx.

1. Distressed skinny jeans
2. Slouchy sweaters and jumpers
3. Runners, specifically Nikes
4. Heeled ankle booties
5. Floral print and lace dresses
6. Structured black bags & backpacks


Fashion Find: FallFor.com

A few months ago, I got a message on Polyvore about this website called FallFor.com

There is something for every style!All of their designs are very simple and chic but have these small little elements, like an interesting pattern or hem, that really set them apart. The materials they use are all quite light and flowy, which is ideal for the summer and the warmer autumn weather, along with being easy to layer in cooler weather as well. And the prices aren't that bad either! Some of my favourite pieces on the website are a top with a dip hem and cutwork, and a daisy print shift dress.

Check out the website here to browse through their collection and see what you like Xx.

 Left: Koethe Daisy Print Dress | Right: Lace Chiffon Shirt Dress

Mes Cutout Dress

 Top With Dip Back and Cutwork

 Left: Polka Dot Black Top | Right: Multi-Panel Silk Shirt

Left: Polka-Dotted Chiffon Shorts | Right: Black Leather Skirt


A Designer Steal

One of the most beautiful bags that I covet and long for on a near hourly basis is the 3.1 Phillip Lim 'Pashli' satchel.

I love how structured and clean cut it is, and the sharp lines of its shape just draw the eye to it even though it is such a simple bag.

Because this bag is sold for a mere arm and a leg (#toosarcasticformyowngood), I have been keeping myself (and my bank account) tightly reigned. That is until I found an exact replica at Forever 21!
Talk about patience paying off!

Anyway, to celebrate my most exciting purchase since my Topshop Alexa booties, here are some ways to style the Pashli Xx.


Fashion Inspo: Eleanor Calder

One of my biggest, most influential style inspirations for the past couple months has been Eleanor Calder.

I love how her style is so simple and understated but still chic and youthful at the same time. She can pull off florals, black, leather, combat boots, converse, dresses, skinnys...pretty much everything she puts on looks great on her! I love her style and her confidence. Truly inspirational. And  the fact that she crosses so many fashion lines and styles provides some inspiration for any event, situation, or mood.

Here are some of my favourite looks from her Xx.

Made In England

I need to talk about this:

The Cara Delevingne Bag.

When I first heard that this bag was in the works between Mulberry and Cara Delevingne, I was quite skeptical to say the least. Cara's style is so unique, edgy and modern, while Mulberry's designs are classic, timeless, and simplistic. I could not visualize how the bag would turn out.


Look at it! It's gorgeous! The shape is great, the versatility of going from a backpack to a handbag makes it so practical (even if the price isn't), and the variety of prints, designs, and sizes of the bag can appeal to anyone and everyone. 

This bag is sold in both quilted and smooth black leather, smooth oxblood leather, quilted green and blue leather, khaki and monochrome camo haircalf, and a beige smooth leather with lion head rivets.

My personal favourites from this collection are the beige, monochrome camo, and quilted black. 

The bag is sold in a mini size, medium/regular/whatever terms perks your interest, and large.

Because I am nowhere near being able to afford this gorgeous piece, I will settle for designing outfits with the bag instead. Enjoy Xx.

Shop the collection here.