Gift Guide | Him & Her for Christmas

I don't know about you, but Christmas shopping is not an easy task. Christmas lists are vague (some would even say childish) and trying to shop without some kind of an idea can be extremely overwhelming. So here is a list of ideas for all of the ladies in your life. 
Perfumes are always a good idea. My favourites right now are My Burberry and Modern Muse Le Rouge.
LUSH bath bombs are always amazing! The Christmas ones are the best. Especially the Snowball.
Knitwear, ponchos, and capes are something very versatile and not too season-dependent that it's very hard to go wrong. Burberry makes the best capes, but Topshop has some great ones too, and they are much more cost-effective. Calvin Klein Jeans also has some amazingly comfy sweatshirts right now. I really recommend them!
I am loving brightly coloured bags right now! They add such a fun pop of colour! And if you are a person that wears all black everything, then a coloured bag adds a bit more dimensionality and personality to your outfit.
Nail polish is the perfect stocking stuffer. It's small, there are many options and colours and even textures. Essie is my favourite brand because they have so many colours and even some simple textures polishes.

Guys are tricky. I don't know about you, but the men in my life never make lists and they never give ideas. Whenever I ask what they want for Christmas, all I get in response is "I don't know." 
Gee! How helpful!
If you're willing to splurge a little, a leather jacket would be a great gift! Joggers are also good. I got my boyfriend a bathrobe for Christmas. A bathrobe is not something that a typical guy will actively go out and buy for himself.
Sunglasses, wallets, belts, beanies, and other simple accessories will always be a hit. They also make good stocking stuffers. 

If you know your man's preferences well, you could get him some cologne. If you're good at being sneaky, take him to the cologne counter of your nearest department store, and find a way to get him to try a lot of the colognes to find out what he likes.


Trend Styling: Vests

This is normally the point in the blog post where the author (that's me) says something along the lines of "I promise to be more diligent with posting" or comes up with some lame excuse about why they haven't been active on their blog in a long time. But I'm not going to do that for two reasons: 1) life will always get in the way, whether it's school or work or relationships of any sort 2) my reasons are my reasons and what's done is done, so there is no point in trying to explain myself or place the blame of my absence on something or someone else. Isn't it great to clear the air? :)

Now onto the trend!


Vests used to be that horrible transition piece that we all wore as kids as a way to fight off that October chill as we frolicked around the playground during recess. Vests used to be made of a large piece of felt that was dyed a horribly vibrant colour (most likely as a way for parents to be able to spot their children from any distance).

Now vests are chic. They come in basic tones, vibrant colours, many different textures, many different lengths, and are designed for nearly any type of weather. I recently purchased this vest from H&M. It is a glorious navy blue puffer vest with a faux fur lined detachable hood. 

The wonderful thing about vests is that they can be worn as a fashion piece, in place of a coat, or underneath a coat for added warmth. Here are some ways to style a vest Xx.


Wedding Bells

Well loves, summer is wedding season, and August seems to be the most popular month. I am going to be going to 4 weddings next month. And I made the huge mistake of getting too excited and doing all of my dress shopping 3 months in advance, only to realize last week that everything I bought needed some kind of alternation in order to make it more wedding appropriate (no one likes to lean forward to get the bottle of wine only to realize that they are flashing the next 2 tables).
After going through with my alternations, a decision was made (mostly by my mother) that I should get some new dresses that fit my perfectly off the rack and are appropriate as is.
But I'm so indecisive! So I narrowed down the competitors to four dresses (yes I realize that two are the same dress but a different colour..indecisive).
I am encouraging anyone that reads this to take the two minutes to choose their one or two favourites and right them in the comments below. And who knows, maybe you'll see a dress that will work perfectly for a wedding coming up in your life as well Xx.


Something New

I have always been partial to blue denim. Jeans, shorts, skirt, jackets...every piece of denim that I have ever owned has been some shade of blue. So when I stopped in Zara recently, I decided that it was time to try something new: grey denim
It feels so great to be branching out (however minutely) in my wardrobe basics. But I encountered a hitch: I have no idea how to style grey jeans. So created some sets for inspiration. What is your favourite way to style your jeans?


A Little 90's Flare

Jeans: Urban Planet Top: H&M Shoes (not pictured): Payless Shoes

I love 90's style. Flared and distressed denim, lace and crochet...I love all of it! 
I was browsing through my local Urban Plant a couple weeks ago and found these beauties! They reminded me of the type of jean I used to wear as a kid except the denim and the crocheted detail on the pockets added a bit more edge and femininity. 
I styled my jeans with a cute white off-the-shoulder top I got from H&M, a rose gold watch and a brown leather belt that came with the jeans. I also wore nude leather pumps from Payless.


04.22.2015 Shopping Haul

I did a little shopping today to celebrate the end of finals! I made a completely necessary stop at Topshop because of the HUGE sale they are having right now! Along with the above shirts, I also got two nail varnishes (The Love Below and Sweets For My Sweet), a lipstick (Mercurial), and a black velvet choker with a blue stone pendant on it. 
All-in-all, a very successful little shopping trip Xx.


Spring Trend: Bohemian Style

As we all know, trends come and go. But lately, certain trends have been making a comeback! Like overalls, velvet dresses, platform sandals...the list goes on and on. This Spring, a popular trend among designers is bohemian vibes, or "boho" if you will.

Light and flowy materials, simple shapes, lace details, fringe, monochromatic and basic colours, scrappy heels, block heels, the list goes on! The designs are brilliant! Here are some sets that I put together with some of my favourite Spring-boho pieces Xx.

Making Laundry Day Easier

I have a really bad habit: I don't read care labels when I buy clothes.

So now, after many years of buying my own clothes, I know have a wardrobe made up of every ind of fabric, ranging from rayon to spandex to cotton to all kinds of synthetics. And what have I learned?

Dry-clean only is every girl's worst nightmare

Seriously though. I have never bothered with it. 
As Jenna Marbles (YouTube) once said: "If you're dry-clean only and you survive the washer and dryer you can stay. But if you get ruined, then thank god, because you're too high-maintenance for me!" 

Today I was emailed by the project manager of Ghergich & Co about another info graphic on alight.com about how to care for different kinds of fabric. Last December I wrote a post about another graphic that came out of a collar between Ghergich and Alight Fashion about different ways to iron your clothes (see here) and I found it quite helpful. 
So here is another info graphic collaboration from Ghergich & Co and Alight Fashion!

Enjoy Xx.


February Favourites

1. Shoes: booties! I have been in love with booties lately. I have two pairs that I wear almost every day. One black and one brown. Both have a couple inches of heel to them, and there are unique details to each pair: the brown ones have a knit cuff to them and the brown ones are a combat style with two buckles at each ankle. I believe booties are an every-season staple.
2. Clothing: capes. I have an obsession with capes. They have the warm and comfort of the best cardigan but they don't get stuffy after having been worn for many hours. I have yet to get my hands on one, but I love the designs of the capes that Topshop is selling this season. Lots of black with simple patterns. 
3. Food: coffee!! I want all the coffee! I went through midterms this past month so coffee was my go-to every day. And while I was on vacation for my Spring break, I would have at least two cups of coffee every morning. Coffee is just good news.
4. Accessories: sunglasses. The weather over here on the West coast has been getting rapidly warmer and sunnier with every passing day. So I have started keeping two pairs of sunglasses in my car with an extra pair on my desk in my room in case I'm not using my car for that day. This summer I will have an amazing arsenal of sunglasses at my disposal! 
5. Music: oldies & country. I have been listening to a lot of Elton John and Bryan Adams while studying and driving and just doing my every day thing. I am also enjoying this album from Dan + Shay. I highly recommend all three albums! Go give them a listen!
6. Beauty: hair treatment. With my trip to the prairies, with all their bone dry air and freezing wind, my hair was dying! it was so dry and brittle, even before I left. So all month long, in preparation for my trip, I have been using the Coconut Milk Anti-breakage Serum by OGX and the Garner Fructis Damage Eraser Split End Bandage after every hair wash. Not only does my hair look much healthier, it's shinier and softer. 



Embracing the cold that is Calgary, AB (that's Canada for all of you who were slow on the draw). Finally putting my parka to good use!

 And here's a shot of my makeup (and face :D)


High-Flying Fashion

Spring Break. A half-hearted attempt by teachers to make their students study more. 

I mean hey, what teenager/young adult would look at a full week off school square in the face and say "Yes I will study/write papers/research!" in stead of going on a trip with their S.O. or going on a road trip with their friends?


I am off on a trip to Alberta with my boyfriend tomorrow. First plane ride in a number of years. So not scared. #fearofheights
So I thought I would put together some simple, comfortable, and on trend outfits for those who are traveling this Spring Break. I also threw together some examples of what I consider to be ideal bags for travel, as well as some examples of what is going to be in my bag tomorrow for my flight.
Talk to ya later babes Xx.


Hues of the Season

Valentine's Day is coming up and whether you have are going out, staying in, single or not, everyone wants to get dressed up for this one special day. So I put together a quick little set of some super chic and simple dresses in the cliche Valentine's Day colour, to stir up some outfit inspiration for ya.
Later babes Xx.



Recently, Danielle Bernstein - the genius behind fashion blog WeWoreWhat - and Camille Charrière, of fashion blog Camille Over the Rainbow, launched a jewelry collaboration with British fashion mogul Topshop. This collection was inspired by Indian and Middle Eastern fashion and culture. With a vast array of chokers and chunky bracelets and oversized rings, mixed with a simplistic colour palette, this collection is chic, gorgeous, and totally on trend. My favourite items include the velvet choker, the oval stone bangle, and the mixed ring set. I will definitely be checking out my local Topshop for these pieces! 
Till next time babes Xx.

Check out the collection here


Birthday Wish List | Current Loves

Well kiddos, my birthday is coming up very soon and I realized today that I had not made any sort of list yet! So here we go: a quickly thrown together wishlist Xx.

1. FOSSIL Watch
2. Choies Olive Green Hoodie
3. Topshop D-Ring Wrap Dress
4. Salsit Croptop
4. Salsit Boyfriend Jeans
5. Topshop Freedom Found Rings & Choker
6. BlackFive Drawstring Leather Bag
7. Modcloth Cutout Bootie
8. BlackFive Khaki Jacket
9. Topshop Cape


A Little Inspiration

You are worthy of love and respect.

You are beautiful, gifted, and intelligent.

Don't let the storm make you forget that.

-Thema Davis


Winter Colours

Over the past couples, I have noticed a pattern.
I have only been wearing black, white and navy blue clothes. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Maybe I want to blend in with the doom and gloom of winter rather than bring a little sunshine to the season. 

I am mourning the loss of sunshine and perpetual warmth hahaha.

Anyway, above are some of my favourite pieces for winter. Simple dresses, lots of knitwear with simple designs, A-line skirts, closed-toe heels, and, of course, a classic pair of black leather booties.

Here are some of my favourite stores for winter shopping Xx.


A Little Epiphany

Today in my Journalism class we were asked to list our three main "specialities", or topics that we know a lot about and that we would be comfortable writing about throughout the semester. This was quite difficult for me because I have never considered myself to be exceptional at any one thing before. But once I really thought about it, I realized that I have learned a far bit about fashion and style trends both through this blog and through Polyvore. My other topics were food and health.

I had an epiphany. If these topics are really so important to me, why don't I talk about them, explore them, research them, and write about them here on my blog more often? (Right, I am a full-time student with a part-time job and a commited relationship :P)


The idea that I have is that once a week - sort of as a break from everything -I will publish a post for health, a post for food, and a post for fashion (fingers cross that it will be an actual outfit post).

It is time to make my interests and passions of a higher priority in my life!


New Year, New Goals

Happy 2015 everyone!

A whole year has come and gone, and I have learned so much from 2014. So here are some of my resolutions to better myself in 2015!

1. Stop procrastinating! as noted by the current date, I obviously struggle with procrastination. Whether it be school work, chores, or blogging, I am constantly putting off the things that I need to get done. No more! This year I am going to make a 120% conscious effort to put a stop to this habit.

2. Put more effort into my blog. This blog has become quite important to me and has helped me realize justs how much I enjoy learning about fashion, style, and both current and past trends. And it's not fair to my readers to only get one post a month (if that!). So here's hoping!

3. Try harder at school. I am almost done my third year of university and this past semester was the first semester that I did not recieve a D in any of my classes. I am going to do my best to make that a good pattern for the remainder of my degree.

4. Budget my spending money better. I don't know if any of you know this but I am a very compulsive shopper, especially when it comes to clothes (and shoes!). And I'm not saying that I want to force myself to stop shopping so much. But rather, I would like to control my spending better and force myself to think "Do I really need this? Do I currently own anything like this? When would I wear/use this in my day-to-day life?"

What are some of your New Years resolutions? Let me know in the comments below Xx.