But First, Introductions!

Well, seeing as how all conversations with new people always start with an introduction, let me be the first to say Hello! My name is Kate and this is my little baby of a blog that is a means of releasing my creativity in regards to my style, my art, and just my general rambling about random crap going on in my life and the world.

Anywho, I am from Surrey, British Columbia (where my fellow Canadians at, yo?). For those of you who are not familiar with Canadian geography, let's just say I'm from Vancouver, 'aight? I am a second year university student here, and though I am in university, I don't usually hold to the idea of "proper grammar." I have lived on farms for the past 10 years and in that time have always had some kind of pet (currently a dog and two donkeys..yes I said donkeys). I am a very sarcastic, witty, punny (that is now a word), loyal, caring, passionate, sometimes lazy but also hardworking person. I embarrass easily but can also be quite comfortable in group atmospheres when given warning.

About 10 months ago, I really started to get into fashion, developing my personal style, and, just recently, helping my friends with their style as well. Growing up, I would wear different variations of the same outfit every day: straight leg jeans, a ribbed tank, and a hoodie (zipped or pullover) with knockoff Keds. Some days there would be some small changes, usually corresponding with a recent purchase. But that was my closet, from grade 6 until grade 11. In grade 12, I started trying different jean cuts, cardigans, blouses, and flats, but those changes did not last long outside of high school until this past year! Woohoo!

Delving deeper into how this past year really positively changed and affected both my personality and my style, my style changes came with my serious obsession-pushing-addiction to Polyvore. Florencia, of Flo Loves Clothes really helped me realize that there is so much more that the world of fashion and style has to offer, and that change can take place gradually. Through my rather lengthy amount of time on Polyvore, I began to educate myself on what looked good together, how accessories can either build on or take away from a great outfit, and that boots can be just as casual as sneakers. Through Flo, I became aware of and an avid follower of Look Sharp, Sconnie and WeWoreWhat, and both of these lovely ladies have helped me come up with different ways of putting my own personal spin on an outfit.

My style is influenced by Danielle Bernstein (WeWoreWhat), Eleanor Calder (mostly 2012-2013), and I have two friends that I always turn to for opinions on my outfits and purchases before I actually buy anything.

My staple items are currently:

  • Denim (light wash straight leg in summer, dark wash straight and skinny in winter, distressed medium wash shorts, dark wash clean cut shorts, vintage jacket, etc.)
  • Black jersey skirt (I have one from Forever 21 and I wear it with everything from knit jumpers to graphic tees to crop tops and plaid shirts)
  • Overalls! No wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of overalls (or dungarees depending on where you live)
  • Brown boots (I have Western short leather brown boots from Payless that I absolutely adore!)
  • PLAID FLANNEL SHIRTS!! I currently have four flannels: one from the AE Mens Wear, and three are handmedowns from my brother.
  • Crop tops. I wear crop jumpers, crop varsity tees, basic crop tees and tanks, and I even tie up oversize tees and shirts
This post was just a means of getting my blog off the ground, so to speak. More information will most definitely come out somewhere down the road, but for now, this will be good.

If  you have any questions, are curious about anything, there is a shop you recommend or an item of clothing that you love, please give me a shout!

Kate xx

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