Coco Made Me Do It

I have never been one to shop designer. The whole idea of drooling over designer handbag and shoes without having the finances to buy that Givenchy bag or those Louboutin pumps did not appeal to me. BUT. Then I saw this Chanel Boy Bag on Danielle Bernstein's instagram a couple months ago and I fell head over heels in love with it! It's not made of solid quilted leather and the silver detailing is a more dull silver so your eyes take in the whole bag as opposed to being drawn immediately to the pop of silver. And most importantly, it's not a huge messenger satchel but still has enough space for all the essentials plus a little bit of breathing room.

The Boy Bag is so easy to style for both winter and summer, casual and formal, laid back and high end. The classic black quilted leather dresses up any outfit and compliments a simple yet well put together ensemble while the dull silver adds a bit of modern flair.

Sadly I won't be able to purchase one for a very long time but since I don't live anywhere near a store that sells Chanel, I am bittersweet about it.

Here are some ways that I would style the Chanel Boy Bag:

Keep it silly babes xx.

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