Black and White With Cutouts All Over

A very popular trend that first made its appearance in Autumn-Winter fashion in 2012. Steve Madden, Zara, ASOS, Kurt Geiger. Even Forever 21 jumped on board. But out of all the designs and styles, Topshop had some of the most popular. Still do, in fact.

Their Adonis boots, Aftershocks, and Arabels were incredibly popular and-sadly-are now sold out.

But the Katz. THE KATZ. The flat style makes them wearable at any time of day and the closed two mixed with the cut outs makes them suitable for any time of year as well. And the design is so unique that, unless you live in a Topshop-ridden city *cough* London *cough*, you won't see anyone else wearing them.

Though also sold out (oh the humanity!) both in Topshop stores and online, they are all over the internet. They were made in solid black, black and white, and I have even seen burgundy pairs floating around. The black and white Katz are my absolute favs though! The classic monochrome colour combo is both casual and formal, and goes so well with everything.

These will be my next big purchase so I thought it might be a good idea to make a few sample outfit ideas. I personally think the black and white Katz look amazing with denim dungarees and striped skinny trousers, while the black look great with more elaborate patterns and colours.

I have been searching eBay for a long time now for the Katz. I have checked the American site, the UK site, even the French site. But still nothing! So if anyone finds a pair of the Katz in a US size 6.5/7 or UK 4, please let me know! Thanks babes xx.

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