Embracing the cold that is Calgary, AB (that's Canada for all of you who were slow on the draw). Finally putting my parka to good use!

 And here's a shot of my makeup (and face :D)


High-Flying Fashion

Spring Break. A half-hearted attempt by teachers to make their students study more. 

I mean hey, what teenager/young adult would look at a full week off school square in the face and say "Yes I will study/write papers/research!" in stead of going on a trip with their S.O. or going on a road trip with their friends?


I am off on a trip to Alberta with my boyfriend tomorrow. First plane ride in a number of years. So not scared. #fearofheights
So I thought I would put together some simple, comfortable, and on trend outfits for those who are traveling this Spring Break. I also threw together some examples of what I consider to be ideal bags for travel, as well as some examples of what is going to be in my bag tomorrow for my flight.
Talk to ya later babes Xx.


Hues of the Season

Valentine's Day is coming up and whether you have are going out, staying in, single or not, everyone wants to get dressed up for this one special day. So I put together a quick little set of some super chic and simple dresses in the cliche Valentine's Day colour, to stir up some outfit inspiration for ya.
Later babes Xx.



Recently, Danielle Bernstein - the genius behind fashion blog WeWoreWhat - and Camille Charrière, of fashion blog Camille Over the Rainbow, launched a jewelry collaboration with British fashion mogul Topshop. This collection was inspired by Indian and Middle Eastern fashion and culture. With a vast array of chokers and chunky bracelets and oversized rings, mixed with a simplistic colour palette, this collection is chic, gorgeous, and totally on trend. My favourite items include the velvet choker, the oval stone bangle, and the mixed ring set. I will definitely be checking out my local Topshop for these pieces! 
Till next time babes Xx.

Check out the collection here


Birthday Wish List | Current Loves

Well kiddos, my birthday is coming up very soon and I realized today that I had not made any sort of list yet! So here we go: a quickly thrown together wishlist Xx.

1. FOSSIL Watch
2. Choies Olive Green Hoodie
3. Topshop D-Ring Wrap Dress
4. Salsit Croptop
4. Salsit Boyfriend Jeans
5. Topshop Freedom Found Rings & Choker
6. BlackFive Drawstring Leather Bag
7. Modcloth Cutout Bootie
8. BlackFive Khaki Jacket
9. Topshop Cape