04.22.2015 Shopping Haul

I did a little shopping today to celebrate the end of finals! I made a completely necessary stop at Topshop because of the HUGE sale they are having right now! Along with the above shirts, I also got two nail varnishes (The Love Below and Sweets For My Sweet), a lipstick (Mercurial), and a black velvet choker with a blue stone pendant on it. 
All-in-all, a very successful little shopping trip Xx.


Spring Trend: Bohemian Style

As we all know, trends come and go. But lately, certain trends have been making a comeback! Like overalls, velvet dresses, platform sandals...the list goes on and on. This Spring, a popular trend among designers is bohemian vibes, or "boho" if you will.

Light and flowy materials, simple shapes, lace details, fringe, monochromatic and basic colours, scrappy heels, block heels, the list goes on! The designs are brilliant! Here are some sets that I put together with some of my favourite Spring-boho pieces Xx.

Making Laundry Day Easier

I have a really bad habit: I don't read care labels when I buy clothes.

So now, after many years of buying my own clothes, I know have a wardrobe made up of every ind of fabric, ranging from rayon to spandex to cotton to all kinds of synthetics. And what have I learned?

Dry-clean only is every girl's worst nightmare

Seriously though. I have never bothered with it. 
As Jenna Marbles (YouTube) once said: "If you're dry-clean only and you survive the washer and dryer you can stay. But if you get ruined, then thank god, because you're too high-maintenance for me!" 

Today I was emailed by the project manager of Ghergich & Co about another info graphic on alight.com about how to care for different kinds of fabric. Last December I wrote a post about another graphic that came out of a collar between Ghergich and Alight Fashion about different ways to iron your clothes (see here) and I found it quite helpful. 
So here is another info graphic collaboration from Ghergich & Co and Alight Fashion!

Enjoy Xx.