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Black and White With Cutouts All Over

A very popular trend that first made its appearance in Autumn-Winter fashion in 2012. Steve Madden, Zara, ASOS, Kurt Geiger. Even Forever 21 jumped on board. But out of all the designs and styles, Topshop had some of the most popular. Still do, in fact.

Their Adonis boots, Aftershocks, and Arabels were incredibly popular and-sadly-are now sold out.

But the Katz. THE KATZ. The flat style makes them wearable at any time of day and the closed two mixed with the cut outs makes them suitable for any time of year as well. And the design is so unique that, unless you live in a Topshop-ridden city *cough* London *cough*, you won't see anyone else wearing them.

Though also sold out (oh the humanity!) both in Topshop stores and online, they are all over the internet. They were made in solid black, black and white, and I have even seen burgundy pairs floating around. The black and white Katz are my absolute favs though! The classic monochrome colour combo is both casual and formal, and goes so well with everything.

These will be my next big purchase so I thought it might be a good idea to make a few sample outfit ideas. I personally think the black and white Katz look amazing with denim dungarees and striped skinny trousers, while the black look great with more elaborate patterns and colours.

I have been searching eBay for a long time now for the Katz. I have checked the American site, the UK site, even the French site. But still nothing! So if anyone finds a pair of the Katz in a US size 6.5/7 or UK 4, please let me know! Thanks babes xx.


Coco Made Me Do It

I have never been one to shop designer. The whole idea of drooling over designer handbag and shoes without having the finances to buy that Givenchy bag or those Louboutin pumps did not appeal to me. BUT. Then I saw this Chanel Boy Bag on Danielle Bernstein's instagram a couple months ago and I fell head over heels in love with it! It's not made of solid quilted leather and the silver detailing is a more dull silver so your eyes take in the whole bag as opposed to being drawn immediately to the pop of silver. And most importantly, it's not a huge messenger satchel but still has enough space for all the essentials plus a little bit of breathing room.

The Boy Bag is so easy to style for both winter and summer, casual and formal, laid back and high end. The classic black quilted leather dresses up any outfit and compliments a simple yet well put together ensemble while the dull silver adds a bit of modern flair.

Sadly I won't be able to purchase one for a very long time but since I don't live anywhere near a store that sells Chanel, I am bittersweet about it.

Here are some ways that I would style the Chanel Boy Bag:

Keep it silly babes xx.


Nail Polish Edit

Very recently, I have started creating a bit of a collection of nail polish. I love how nail polish can enhance an outfit and totally reflect your mood. You can feel classy, modern, traditional, artsy, or punk/monochromatic (depending on your point of view).

I bought my two Essie polishes last summer on a weekend vacation with friends. I just though that painting my nails would be something to do besides reading. I had had Essie polish before and loved it. So when I saw a whole counter of every colour and shade of polish that you could possibly imagine, I completely lost my shit in the middle of the supermarket. At the time, I thought pastels looked tacky on my nails so I went for a couple bright polishes.

Since then, I haven't bought any other colours or even worn any for that matter. Me and nail polish just don't mix. Once one nail chips, I compulsively and subconsciously pick off all the polish on that nail, and then pick the polish off every other nail so that they all match.

About a month ago, I decided that I would create a stock pile of nail polish so that I will (hopefully) feel more motivated to paint my nails more often. So while I was restocking my makeup bag a couple weeks ago, I spotted the Sally Hansen counter and simply couldn't resist.

Pastel colours have been becoming more and more appealing to me in recent months so I purchased a cream colour, a baby blue and a lilac colour. I also bought a sparkly polish to attempt an accent nail. All four are Sally Hansen polishes and they are absolutely amazing! They are part of the Complete Manicure line (except the sparkly one, that is Hard As Nails, Xtreme Wear) and they have the same feel as a gel manicure but are about a quarter of the price and put much less strain on your nails.

The Love & Beauty polish from Forever 21 is actually my sister's but it's a great colour and it is surprisingly good quality!

To sum up this post, I would highly recommend Sally Hansen polishes. But if you want a cheaper version, go for Forever 21 nail polishes. I have also heard good things about the Topshop beauty merch, so if anyone has any opinions they're willing to share, please feel free to do so! :)


SalSit Loves

I've never been one for online shopping, but for the past few months I have been obsessed with SalSit! They are a strictly online store based in Downtown LA and the style of their clothes is amazing! Dainty white lace tops, denim dungarees, awesome leather jackets, mini dresses, unique jumpsuits and rompers, and perfect accessories. For my style, though, the best part of their inventory is that every one of their items can be styled perfectly into either a girly outfit or a very badass chic outfit.

Here is how I would style some of my favourites items from SalSit

Jacket: SalSit Romper: LOVE Boots: Acne Studios Hat: Topshop (similar) Bag: Mulberry

Blazer: SalSit Bralet: Topshop Shorts: River Island (similar) Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Bag: Chanel Sunnies: Prada
Skirt, Blouse & Bag: SalSit Boots: Topshop Necklace: Tiffany's
Trousers: Zara (similars) Blouse: SalSit Blazer: Topshop (similar) Booties: Boohoo Necklace: SalSit Bag: Mulberry
Dress: SalSit Boots: Dr. Martens Bag: Alexander Wang Flower Crown: Rock 'n Rose
Jeans: Topshop Blouse: SalSit Boots: Bakers Shoes Bag: SalSit Flower Crown: Rock 'n Rose
Shorts: SalSit Shirt: Topshop Vest: Topshop Boots: Dr. Martens Necklace: SalSit Backpack: Mulberry(not online)
Jeans: Zara Top: SalSit Cardigan: Topshop Booties: Balenciaga Bag: Mulberry Flower Crown: SalSit
Romper: SalSit Leather Jacket: SalSit Booties: Modern Vintage Bag: Tory Burch Necklace: ASOS

Instagram OOTD

Rolled cuff jeans and long lightweight knit sweaters has become my favourite outfit for the Spring-Summer transitional season. You can make it casual with converse and a mini crossbody bag or dress it up with heeled booties and a funky clutch. Or you could be like me and overlook shoes entirely and just walk around barefoot.

The jeans are from Urban Planet and my jumper is from H&M

I'm not quite comfortable with taking full body outfit pictures of myself yet but please be patient. They will come!

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20 Facts About Me

I have always loved reading this kind of post. I feel like even if you don't feel like you learned something about the blogger, at least you got a bit of a chuckle at a funny nickname or a quirky backstory to a random scar. So here we go:

1)My full name is Kaitlyn Joy VanderEnde, though my friends call me "Kate" or "Vander"
2) I am 20 years old
3) I am studying for a BA in General Communications at a local university that shall remain unnamed
4) The meaning behind my blog title is that I am a natural brunette, born and raised in BC, and the babe part just flowed :)
5) I have a tattoo on my right forearm of a cross, heart, and anchor

6) I have my left helix pierced, right side of my nose pierced, and both lobes pierced twice.
7) I have never left North America
8) After I graduate, I plan to move to either the London or LA area
9) I have paralyzing fears of snakes and spiders. It doesn't matter the size, I will yelp and jump up on the nearest piece of furniture or person. And if no one is around to kill it or get rid of it, I will call someone. I have even called my sister from the other end of our house to tell her to come kill a spider.
10) I have a dog, French Bulldog, and 2 donkeys as pets, but I have had 3 other dogs in the past and 1 other donkey
11) I live on a farm and have since I was 9 years old
12) I absolutely hate public transit!
13) I suffer from sporadic claustrophobia (hence my hatred of public transit), meaning that I hate tight spaces most of the time but sometimes I am OK with them and almost prefer them.
14) Even though I am 100% Dutch and come from a long line of tall, lean people, I am 5'6" and have a more curvy, "soft" build than the rest of my family.
15) I don't dance. Period. End of story. When I dance, I either look like a duck or like a Mexican jumping bean.
16) I am very sarcastic and witty (genetic family traits). especially when it comes to my confidence and body image.
17) The furthest place I've ever been on holiday is to Orlando, Florida, but I have been to Mexicali, Mexico but it wasn't a vacation/holiday trip.
18) In high school, my favourite subject was Art, and I was good! Maybe I'll make some kind of post of all my pieces some day...
19) I played basketball in high school but I wasn't very good. Strictly second string. When I jammed both of my middle fingers 5 times in 3 weeks, I couldn't even catch a ball anymore so I stopped playing
20) I have had my first and only job since I was 14 years old.


Overalls: Fashion Statement or Lazy Go-To?

As I'm sure you are aware, overalls are making a huge comeback! Bloggers like Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat and Florencia of Flo Loves Clothes have created great looks with overalls, along with celebrities like Eleanor Calder putting a formal spin on tweed overalls and Selena Gomez looking very casual in denim and a cropped floral tank.

Personally, I love overalls! I think they are a very easy fashion statement that can be dressed up or dressed down. And the fact that there are full overalls, shortalls, and pinafores (overall dresses for you fashion newbies) is amazing and adds even more versatility.

I currently have four pairs of overalls: two pairs of shortalls, one pair of full length overalls, and one pinafore, and I have my eye on a pair of denim shortalls from Urban Planet.

Full Length Overalls: Garage 

Denim Shortalls: Urban Planet

Denim Pinafore: Sirens

Polka Dot Shortalls: Forever 21

When I wear overalls, it's usually with a crop top. Lately, I've been diversifying my styling a bit, and I really like how white knit jumpers and simple collared blouses look with overalls! In terms of footwear, combat boots, sandals, pumps, Converse, Vans, and Keds all look so great with overalls! Overalls are honestly the most versatile wardrobe staple. I would highly recommend everyone go invest in a pair...or two or three lol

Today's Purchases

So I am finally admitting that I am a compulsive shopper/buyer. I don't shop online, thank God, but when I do go shopping, I always end up buying so much more than I had anticipated. Take today, for example. I left my house with the idea that I would only buy a graphic tee and a specific polka dot romper from Forever 21...that went in the hole as soon as I set foot in the mall!

"Ooo H&M! Oh look! Urban Planet!! I must go into Sephora and sample perfumes!! And I can't forget to go to Forever 21 and Garage!"

So I ended up purchasing a whole lot more than I had intended to. After stops in Garage, Bath and Body Works, Forever 21, and Urban Planet, this is whatI walked out with (I even managed to force myself not to even go into Payless).

From Garage I got a grey knit light weight jumper that is very similar to this from Topshop except in grey.

I normally don't go into Bath and Body Works because I have enough perfume and scented candles to last me for the next 4 years. But they had a really attractive display in the front of their store for some new perfumes that drew me in. Usually I go for more subdued and subtle scents, like this one and this one. But this new perfume is absolutely amazing! I bought all three and love them all!

From Forever 21 I got this polka dotted overall romper, and this Guns n' Roses graphic tee with awesome shoulder cutouts for added flair

And finally, from Urban Planet, I bought some basic crop tops and a graphic tee. Now, every time I go shopping, I always, without fail, go to Urban Planet or Stitches (they are the same chain retailers). I absolutely love their clothes! They are so reasonably priced but still great quality. Many items in my current wardrobe are from them and I love them all! Their crop tops are my favourite though.

I'm still trying to get better acquainted with the fashion blogging world but this is one aspect that I really like. So I will definitely make this purchase recaps a more regular thing.