We've all been there.
You have a presentation at work, a speech to give at school, a party, a family get together with your aunt who always finds something wrong with what you're wearing #notbitter

What do you do when that one outfit you want to wear is wrinkled?
I usually (and by usually I mean always) end up choosing something else because I am too lazy/too uninformed/too scared to take out the dreaded IRON.

I am absolutely terrified of ironing! I have heard too many tales about shirts with scorch marks and stubborn wrinkles that just refuse to come out. So I either give the ironing to my mother, or insist that wrinkled clothes is a new trend.

Then I was shown different ways to get my ironing done. I was recently told about a collaboration between Ghergich Connect and Alight Fashion. In their post, not only do they simplify ironing and give helpful little tips into order to avoid, say, burning your SO's fav shirt, but they also list numerous alternatives for those of us who a) are too afraid to actually use an iron or b) don't have access to an iron at all (*cough cough* university students *cough cough*). My fav alternatives are putting ice or a damp cloth in the dryer, utilizing the steam from a hot shower, and using a hair straightener on the collars and cuffs. Genius!

Go check out the post here!!

Till next time babes Xx.


Monthly Favourites

1. Shoes: Brogues. I have worn my brogues so much this past month! They are classy and easily dressed up or down, and also surprisingly comfortable. And because they cover my entire foot, my feet stay warm.

2. Clothes: Parka. As the weather here in BC quickly gets more and more frigid, I am surrounding myself with as many warm objects as possible, whether that be jumpers, scarves, tea, or my boyfriend 
(#goodforsomething #jokes)

3. Food: Tea. I have always loved having a cup of tea after work or school. But this month I went a little crazy. On average, I think I had 3 cups of tea a day...maybe 4. I have been really loving Tetley's Vanilla Earl Grey tea, and I have been recently introduced to Stash's Apple Cinnamon tea (even though I hate apple cider, I love this tea!)

4. Accessories: Infinity scarves. I got a black knit infinity scarf from H&M back in October and it hasn't left my neck since! Having a scarf around your neck keeps you so warm and toasty!

5. Music: Ed Sheeran & Clean Bandit. I have always enjoyed listening to Ed Sheeran, but recently a friend of mine introduced me to Clean Bandit's New Eyes album and it is AMAZING! Even though it's sound is so electronic, it's not bassy, so it works great for study music or just some great jams.

6. Beauty: eye makeup. I have been keeping my makeup routine painfully simple these past couple weeks, but I always have to have well defined eyebrows. I also can never leave my house without mascara on; I do not look awake without it.


Building a Christmas List

Today a friend of mine messaged me, asking "what fashion type objects" could she get me for Christmas. I have been so wrapped up in school and final projects and exams lately that I had not thought about Christmas and accounted for (potential) delivery time.

So, in the spirit of the forthcoming holidays, I have put together a preliminary Christmas list that will definitely get built on and added onto in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for updates!

1. LoveClothing Green Tartan Dress & Collared Dress
2. BlackFive Cardigan & Leather-Panelled Dress
3. Zara Romper & Long Dress
4. Forever 21 Wedge Booties 


Black & White & 50 Shades of Grey

If someone asked you what was the biggest fashion event of 2014, what would you say? Would you pick one of the countless fashion shows? Which would you choose? Rebecca Minkoff? Mulberry? Burberry, perhaps? Or maybe even Topshop? 

But what about...H&M?

This fall H&M launched a collaboration with word-renowned designer Alexander Wang. And the collection speaks to the inner bad-ass in all of us!

I love the black, white & varying shades of grey that make up the colour scheme, and the little details, like wrap-around dresses and bralettes, and reflective leggings, are amazing!

Here are some ways that I have styled my favourite pieces from the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration Xx.
 Alexander Wang x H&M dress and booties
 Alexander Wang x H&M crop sweatshirt
 Alexander Wang x H&M bralettecoat, & booties
 Alexander Wang x H&M bralette
 Alexander Wang x H&M skirt & bralette
Alexander Wang x H&M dress


Let's Talk About: Hair

Let me tell you a bit about me: my hair is my pride and joy.

Now before you judge me, let me say that I am not one of those girls who brushes her hair 20 times a day. My hair is just the one part of my physical self that I have never felt the desire to change. My hair is the one part of me that I am completely happy and satisfied with. I never use any appliances on it (#straighthairforlife #letsgowalkintherain), and I never have and never will die or highlight my hair, the colour is that pretty in my eyes.
My hair is also very long. Always has been.
But because it is so long and because I live in a climate that is constantly drying out one's hair, I always struggle with breakage and dead ends, not to mention flat hair from the constant flux from wet hair to dry hair that leaves my hair flat and volume-less (thank you Vancouver for 8 months of constant rainfall).

So when I came across the wide range of products from OGX Beauty, I had to try them out. Every one of their product lines has different benefits. Some add more volume to your hair, some defrizz, some hydrate, etc etc. Their products are all sulfate-free, are pH-balanced (which means they are safe on colour-treated hair), and have natural ingredients.

The first line I tried was Argan Oil of Morocco. The smell is amazing and my hair was so soft after only one use! I don't recommend this line for people with fine hair though. For me, it weighed down my hair after using it for 2 weeks. I would use this once or twice a week to maintain softness and shine.
The next line I tried was Coconut Milk. I loved this one! I used these products for one year solid and my hair reaped the benefits. The smell is to die for, you get the same softness as from the Moroccan oil line but your hair doesn't feel as heavy after a few uses. I would definitely recommend the Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum. It's a miracle worker!

Recently my hair has been flatter than usual. So I branched out a bit more and tried the Biotin & Collagen line. It really surprised me. the smell is like a mix of the Moroccan oil and the Coconut Milk, your hair is still soft, but it has more life and lustre, but isn't as shiny, which I think is great for the Autumn/Winter months. I am only using the shampoo and conditioner but would definitely recommend them!

 After 3 amazing successes with their products, I'm hooked on the OGX hair care lines. So the next one I'm going to try is the Cherry Blossom Ginseng. I'm not going to lie, I'm most curious about the smell but I have full confidence that the results will be amazing, as always.
Try out their products! Seriously. And if you're already using them, let me know which line is your favourite. I'm always curious about which one to try next Xx.

November Lust List

1.  Alexander Wang X H&M Dress
2. Topshop Sweater
3. Ray-Ban Aviators
4. Alexander McQueen Leather Bracelet
5. Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Baby Tote
6. Dune London Aonda Pumps


Tying the Knot? Article Review

I know this isn't fashion/style/beauty related by just bear with me here :)

My cousin's wife recently posted this article on her Facebook profile. It's written by Matt Walsh, a blogger and all around master of words and ideas. The article? "Hey Young People: Now's The Time to Get Married and Have Kids"

In his article, Walsh talks about and debunks the social assumption that a person's twenties are a time to live it up, do crazy shit, and be as independent as possible. Using points referring to human biology, personal growth, love, and even finances, Walsh, in short, states that our twenties are a great time to get married and even start having kids!

I'm not trying to persuade you to adopt a new belief system about marriage and relationships, or even to change your current beliefs. This article is just a really good read! And Walsh brings up some really great points that I have frequently heard people use as excuses for postponing taking the plunge i.e. my boyfriend *rolls eyes*

Go check out the article and leave a comment below telling me what you thought of it Xx.


YSL Does Combat Pt. 2

Recently, Saint Laurent has been coming out with some amazing new boots! After my post on the Rangers (see here), I thought "why not make it a two-parter and blog about my top two favourite designs?"

So here it is: the Patti combat boot!

What I love about this boot is that it is so simple but the cuff around the shaft of the boot makes it so unique. And because the boot is clean and there are no elements that keep attention solely on the boot, it is so easy to style and in so many ways.

Below are some examples of how to dress these boots up or down, give some edgy to a girly outfit, or complete a biker-chic ensemble Xx.


September Lust List

1. H&M Jumpsuit 
2. Zara Sweater with Faux Leather Sleeves (light mink and khaki) 
3. Zara Striped Dress with Printed Sleeves
4. Zara Printed Trousers with Side-Zip
5. Forever 21 Boat Neck Dress
6. American Apparel Unisex Reversible Easy Sweater (menthe/natural)
7. Urban Planet Work Boots (tan)
8. Urban Planet Faux Leather Colour Block Booties (black)



My Favourite Trends

Just a quick post about my favourite trends and looks this season Xx.

1. Heels with Boyfriend Jeans

2. Backpacks/Rucksacks

3. Black Leather Combat Boots

YSL Does Combat Pt. 1

Saint Laurent has recently come out with some new styles for the iconic and classic combat boot.

One of my favourite designs from them is the studded Ranger boots.

I love the classic lace-up boot look but how edgy and modern the studs and straps look. And even though the studs make the boots look incredibly badass, the boots would compliment a feminine outfit extremely well simply because of the black leather and shorter shaft.

Here are some ways that I would style the Rangers Xx.

Check out part 2 here!


Back to School Essentials

Well, after 2 weeks of classes and two back to school shopping trips (#brokestudent), I have come up with a list of back to school essentials based off of what I have seen being worn around campus Xx.

1. Distressed skinny jeans
2. Slouchy sweaters and jumpers
3. Runners, specifically Nikes
4. Heeled ankle booties
5. Floral print and lace dresses
6. Structured black bags & backpacks


Fashion Find: FallFor.com

A few months ago, I got a message on Polyvore about this website called FallFor.com

There is something for every style!All of their designs are very simple and chic but have these small little elements, like an interesting pattern or hem, that really set them apart. The materials they use are all quite light and flowy, which is ideal for the summer and the warmer autumn weather, along with being easy to layer in cooler weather as well. And the prices aren't that bad either! Some of my favourite pieces on the website are a top with a dip hem and cutwork, and a daisy print shift dress.

Check out the website here to browse through their collection and see what you like Xx.

 Left: Koethe Daisy Print Dress | Right: Lace Chiffon Shirt Dress

Mes Cutout Dress

 Top With Dip Back and Cutwork

 Left: Polka Dot Black Top | Right: Multi-Panel Silk Shirt

Left: Polka-Dotted Chiffon Shorts | Right: Black Leather Skirt