We've all been there.
You have a presentation at work, a speech to give at school, a party, a family get together with your aunt who always finds something wrong with what you're wearing #notbitter

What do you do when that one outfit you want to wear is wrinkled?
I usually (and by usually I mean always) end up choosing something else because I am too lazy/too uninformed/too scared to take out the dreaded IRON.

I am absolutely terrified of ironing! I have heard too many tales about shirts with scorch marks and stubborn wrinkles that just refuse to come out. So I either give the ironing to my mother, or insist that wrinkled clothes is a new trend.

Then I was shown different ways to get my ironing done. I was recently told about a collaboration between Ghergich Connect and Alight Fashion. In their post, not only do they simplify ironing and give helpful little tips into order to avoid, say, burning your SO's fav shirt, but they also list numerous alternatives for those of us who a) are too afraid to actually use an iron or b) don't have access to an iron at all (*cough cough* university students *cough cough*). My fav alternatives are putting ice or a damp cloth in the dryer, utilizing the steam from a hot shower, and using a hair straightener on the collars and cuffs. Genius!

Go check out the post here!!

Till next time babes Xx.