Making Laundry Day Easier

I have a really bad habit: I don't read care labels when I buy clothes.

So now, after many years of buying my own clothes, I know have a wardrobe made up of every ind of fabric, ranging from rayon to spandex to cotton to all kinds of synthetics. And what have I learned?

Dry-clean only is every girl's worst nightmare

Seriously though. I have never bothered with it. 
As Jenna Marbles (YouTube) once said: "If you're dry-clean only and you survive the washer and dryer you can stay. But if you get ruined, then thank god, because you're too high-maintenance for me!" 

Today I was emailed by the project manager of Ghergich & Co about another info graphic on alight.com about how to care for different kinds of fabric. Last December I wrote a post about another graphic that came out of a collar between Ghergich and Alight Fashion about different ways to iron your clothes (see here) and I found it quite helpful. 
So here is another info graphic collaboration from Ghergich & Co and Alight Fashion!

Enjoy Xx.

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