GOMO Vancouver | Summer 2016

I find summer to be very overwhelming. Don't get me wrong, I love summer! I love the heat and the sun and the long, lazy days. But there is always so many things that I could get out and do that I get overwhelmed with the decision and end up staying home.

That's not what summer is about. Summer is about getting out and going biking and hiking and swimming at the beach and going for ice cream with friends. That is what I intend to do. I fully intend to get out more often and experience my hometown this summer! Here is my summer to-do list. I hope you find a little inspiration in it for your own summer.

1. HIKING: There are so many amazing hikes in the Greater Vancouver area. The Chief in Squamish, Gariabldi Lake in Whistler, and the Grouse Grind are just a couple of the many hikes that Vancouver has to offer. So far I have conquered The Chief, and am looking forward to doing the Garibaldi Lake trail in a couple weeks.

2. BIKING: Bike riding is super popular with Vancouverites. Biking through downtown, around the Seawall, and trails through every single park in the area. I bike the Seawall frequently, and it never gets boring.
3. BEACH DAYS: Being an oceanside city, Vancouver offers many beaches. I used to spend many relaxing days at the beach with friends. There are so many beaches in Vancouver and I plan to visit every single one this summer. I wonder which one is the ideal beach for unwinding...
4. CONCERTS: Summer concerts are the best kind of concert. Night concerts at the PNE in the outdoor arena, and energetic concerts at Rogers Arena and BC Place. There are so many hot concerts this summer: Keith Urban, Adele, and Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas are just some of the big names coming to Vancouver.
5. CITY SUMMER ATTRACTIONS: Vancouver has so many annual summer events that are always huge hits with the community. Bard on the Beach, Summer Night Market, The Fair at the PNE, International Jazz Festival, and the Celebration of Light are just some of these amazing events. There is always something for everyone going on.

Vancouver has so much going on and so many unique experiences to offer. On top of all these events and experiences are the events that you can plan yourself. You just need a little head start. A foot in the door, so-to-speak. This is where platforms like Eventbrite come in.

Eventbrite is a self-serve ticket platform that strives to provides the tools to start and promote every kind of social event imaginable. Concerts, fundraisers, competitions,, Eventbrite will help you start the planning process right. Visit their webpage on event planning and management here.

What are you going to do this summer? I encourage everyone to find at least one event in their city and get out more often.

Cheers Xx.


An Everyday Workout

I love exercising. Whether it's going for a run, a bike ride, doing a yoga routine, or doing a weight routine, I really enjoy working out. However, I've always been very sporadic with my workouts, so when I exercise, I try to target every major muscle group. Here is what a typical workout looks like for myself: 

-arm circles
-side lunges
-jumping jacks

Weight Training:
-bicep curls
-dumbbell shoulder presses
-tricep extensions

-reverse hugs
-lat pull downs
-pull ups

-split squats
-glute bridges
-calf raises

-bicycle crunches
-v sits


Cool Down:

My warm ups are usually no longer than 5 minutes; they are just long enough to limber up a little bit and get your blood moving. Make a point of not exhausting yourself too early on though!
Weight training is my favourite part of any workout! I always do my weigh training in supersets of two different muscle groups. What this means is I pick two muscle groups (arms and legs, for example) and pick one exercise for each muscle. I do one set for the first muscle group and then do one set for the second muscle group immediately after; I repeat this three times.
As a way of intensifying my workouts, I add weights to all of my leg/glute exercises and my basic front planks.
I do many variations of planking. Front planks, seesaw planks, side planks, and hip twist planks.
When I walk for my cardio, I make sure my machine is set at a very high incline. This activates the glute muscles as well as every major muscle in your legs.

I hope this inspires some of you to try a new exercise, and maybe there are some experts/experienced people who see something in this workout that needs tweaking. If this is the case, please feel free to email me.

*Please be aware that I am not an expert or trained in fitness in anyway. It is very easy to injure yourself when working out, so please talk to an expert before trying something new.