Winter Care From ELF

Another big snow fall for Vancouver. Awesome.
Don't get me wrong, I think the fresh snow is absolutely beautiful. But I can do without the dry, damaged hair and the chapped, cracking lips.
In the past, lip balm would tend to be quite effective. But this year was different.
This year was frigid, with over 5 feet of snow accumulation. This year, lip balm just didn't cut it.

Meet the savior of my lips.
This lip exfoliator from e.l.f. is amazing! Easy to use, effective but not too harsh, and it smells delicious. I have only been using this product for a week, and I already see improvement. My lips are softer,  they are not cracking anymore, and they are not anywhere near as chapped as they had been.
What is your Winter care routine?


Face Time

I have never been a huge skin care nut. I was always perfectly content with my Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash and Aveeno moisturizer. That worked well enough for me.
Fast-forward 7 years.
I have burnt my face too many times to count, I wear more makeup than just concealer, and I am living with more stress and much less sleep. All of this has taken a huge toll on my skin. My dynamic duo simply doesn't cut it anymore. So after some extensive research, I decided to try out some clay masks from The Body Shop.
These masks are amazing! I use each of them on a weekly basis. I use this mask on Sunday or Monday, and this mask Friday evening. The Tea Tree mask is perfect for a skin refresh/reset. The smell is relaxing, and it leaves behind a tingly, clean sensation. The Seaweed clay mask is a perfect way to close out your week. It really gets into your pores and cleans them out. I must caution you, however: this mask burns a little bit the first time you use it.

Since I started using this masks regularly, I've notice that my skin has gotten much softer and more hydrated. I still get the occasional breakout, but they are easier to deal with and my spots go away faster and with less effort.
What are you favourite Body Shop products?
Let me know in the comments below! Xx.


Winter Colour

Shop My Look:
Sweater: Le Chateau | Coat: Forever 21 (similar, similar) | Boots: Modcloth (also love these and these)

Winter is such a confusing time for me. I love Winter fashion and think snow is absolutely beautiful! However, I hate the cold. So when I find Winter pieces that actually keep me warm (without being so thick that I look like a marshmallow), I wear them as much as I possibly can. This knit tunic from Le Chateau is one of those pieces. The length is perfect, it is a thick enough knit to keep me warm but not bulky, and I love the cowl neck! And when paired with this gorgeous coat from Forever 21, I am actually able to leave my house during this Winter storm that Vancouver is stuck in.
Stay warm out there Xx.