20 Facts About Me

I have always loved reading this kind of post. I feel like even if you don't feel like you learned something about the blogger, at least you got a bit of a chuckle at a funny nickname or a quirky backstory to a random scar. So here we go:

1)My full name is Kaitlyn Joy VanderEnde, though my friends call me "Kate" or "Vander"
2) I am 20 years old
3) I am studying for a BA in General Communications at a local university that shall remain unnamed
4) The meaning behind my blog title is that I am a natural brunette, born and raised in BC, and the babe part just flowed :)
5) I have a tattoo on my right forearm of a cross, heart, and anchor

6) I have my left helix pierced, right side of my nose pierced, and both lobes pierced twice.
7) I have never left North America
8) After I graduate, I plan to move to either the London or LA area
9) I have paralyzing fears of snakes and spiders. It doesn't matter the size, I will yelp and jump up on the nearest piece of furniture or person. And if no one is around to kill it or get rid of it, I will call someone. I have even called my sister from the other end of our house to tell her to come kill a spider.
10) I have a dog, French Bulldog, and 2 donkeys as pets, but I have had 3 other dogs in the past and 1 other donkey
11) I live on a farm and have since I was 9 years old
12) I absolutely hate public transit!
13) I suffer from sporadic claustrophobia (hence my hatred of public transit), meaning that I hate tight spaces most of the time but sometimes I am OK with them and almost prefer them.
14) Even though I am 100% Dutch and come from a long line of tall, lean people, I am 5'6" and have a more curvy, "soft" build than the rest of my family.
15) I don't dance. Period. End of story. When I dance, I either look like a duck or like a Mexican jumping bean.
16) I am very sarcastic and witty (genetic family traits). especially when it comes to my confidence and body image.
17) The furthest place I've ever been on holiday is to Orlando, Florida, but I have been to Mexicali, Mexico but it wasn't a vacation/holiday trip.
18) In high school, my favourite subject was Art, and I was good! Maybe I'll make some kind of post of all my pieces some day...
19) I played basketball in high school but I wasn't very good. Strictly second string. When I jammed both of my middle fingers 5 times in 3 weeks, I couldn't even catch a ball anymore so I stopped playing
20) I have had my first and only job since I was 14 years old.

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