Overalls: Fashion Statement or Lazy Go-To?

As I'm sure you are aware, overalls are making a huge comeback! Bloggers like Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat and Florencia of Flo Loves Clothes have created great looks with overalls, along with celebrities like Eleanor Calder putting a formal spin on tweed overalls and Selena Gomez looking very casual in denim and a cropped floral tank.

Personally, I love overalls! I think they are a very easy fashion statement that can be dressed up or dressed down. And the fact that there are full overalls, shortalls, and pinafores (overall dresses for you fashion newbies) is amazing and adds even more versatility.

I currently have four pairs of overalls: two pairs of shortalls, one pair of full length overalls, and one pinafore, and I have my eye on a pair of denim shortalls from Urban Planet.

Full Length Overalls: Garage 

Denim Shortalls: Urban Planet

Denim Pinafore: Sirens

Polka Dot Shortalls: Forever 21

When I wear overalls, it's usually with a crop top. Lately, I've been diversifying my styling a bit, and I really like how white knit jumpers and simple collared blouses look with overalls! In terms of footwear, combat boots, sandals, pumps, Converse, Vans, and Keds all look so great with overalls! Overalls are honestly the most versatile wardrobe staple. I would highly recommend everyone go invest in a pair...or two or three lol

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