August Favourites

1. SHOES: I have been wearing this pair of white sneakers from Payless Shoes almost every day this month. I think they are the perfect summer shoe! Light, comfortable, versatile...yes, white shoes do show dirt quite quickly, but the beauty of a canvas pair is that they are so easy to wash!
2. CLOTHING: I have been wearing so many light, breezy tops this month. BC has been experiencing the most ridiculous heat wave this summer, and light chiffon tops have been a great way to beat the heat. H&M is my go-to store for these kinds of shirts. I love the fit of colour options of this blouse, and the cut of this blouse would be very cute tucked into cut off denim shorts.
3. ACCESSORIES: Of course, my go-to summer accessories are sunnies. Usually, I reach for my aviators, but this month I have been donning my wayfarers much more often.
4. MUSIC: My husband and I are huge country music fans. And lately, both of us have been listening to a lot of Kelsea Ballerini. Her music is upbeat, and is so easy to listen to. Her next album, 'Unapologetically', is coming out on November 3 and I am so excited to hear how she is progressing as an artist.
5. BEAUTY: I like keeping my day-to-day skincare as simple as possible, without sacrificing a deep clean. The Penetrating Charcoal Bar from Bioré is just that: simple and deep-cleaning. My skin feels so clean, supple, and tingly after every use. I have also been loving the Amazing Grace perfume from philosophy (read my review here) and the Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara from L'Oreal Paris (read my review here).

What have you been loving this month? What were your go-to pieces? What track did you have on repeat? Let me know in the comments Xx.


Philosophy | Review

I am a girl of simple taste; always have been.

I tend to describe my style as minimalistic, timeless, and classic. I don't like to venture outside of my comfort zone. That is why I love this scent from philosophy.

This scent is so beautiful! It is light, floral, not overly sweet, and has an almost musky undertone to it. I would describe it as feminine and empowering, yet mild and simple.

The packaging perfectly suits the scent as well. It is simple and understated. Feminine and graceful without appearing overly delicate. 

This is my current favourite perfume, and I wear it almost every day.
I got this as a free sample with a Sephora purchase, and I will be returning to buy a larger bottle. This perfume is the embodiment of grace and modern feminity. 


The Denim Mini | Trending

The denim mini has had a facelift this season. Embroidery, studs, distressing to the extreme...designers everywhere have revamped the denim mini skirt into something fresh and new, yet classic in its origins. The denim mini has been my favourite addition to any casual summer outfit this year. Here are some of my favourite ways to style the new-and-improved denim mini skirt.
Enjoy! Xx.

Shop the trend here:


Mikasa Beauty | Review

Mikasa Beauty recently reached out to me with the opportunity to try out some brushes of my choosing. I will tell you about my brushes in a bit, but first let me tell you about Mikasa Beauty and why I was so drawn to this opportunity.

Image courtesy of Mikasa Beauty

Mikasa Beauty is a Vancouver-based makeup brush company. Since they are quite a new company, they are setting themselves apart from other more established brush companies by focusing on their current designs, as opposed to expanding product lines. This immense attention has created a line of beautiful and affordable quality brushes.

Image courtesy of Mikasa Beauty

I ordered the 4 Piece Essential Eye Set and they are a dream!
My favourite brush from this set has to be the blending brush. The brush hairs are soft and gentle on the skin, but them have enough rigidity and stiffness to actually do their job well. The eye shader brush looks like your generic eye shadow brush, but the brush hairs are quite stiff, allowing for a richer, brighter application of shadow.

Until now, I had never owned an eyeliner brush or a pencil brush, and I thought that these two brushes would just end up gong unused. as it turns out, these two little brushes are the best tools for achieving the perfect smokey eye look! The liner brush is small enough and precise enough for bringing eyeshadow along the bottom lashes. The pencil brush works perfectly for smudging out harsh eyeliner and dark shadow.

Along with my brushes, I was gifted the Lemon Drop Sponge. I don't usually use sponges in my makeup application, but this sponge is wonderful! It is small enough to reach every crease and corner, and provides buildable coverage. What I really love about this sponge is that I find that I use way less foundation when using it.

Overall, these brushes are beautifully made, easy to use, and so affordable.
I love supporting local companies, and I can definitely see myself purchasing my makeup brushes from Mikasa Beauty from now on.

Check out their brushes here.

Want your own brush set? Looking to expand your brush collection?
Get 25% off your order from Mikasa Beauty using this code:


A Trip to Paradise | Review

I am a mascara addict.

Mascara was the first beauty product I ever wore and it is the one piece of makeup that I am always wearing. I can live without highlighter. I can live without eyeshadow. I can even live without concealer. But you can never take away my mascara!

Over the years, I have tried so many different mascaras. Covergirl, Rimmel, Revlon...you name it, I've probably tried it. But none of these products ever really gave me that "Wow!" factor. A couple have come close, but there has always been something that I was let down by.

And then, a last minute wedding beauty purchase changed everything.
Enter: L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise.

This is the perfect mascara! 
It curls...it volumizes...it lengthens...it darkens. The formula is long-lasting, does not flake and remains soft to the touch all day. 
Again I say: this mascara is perfect.

The packaging is so feminine and tasteful, with a metallic rose gold body and gold accents. The wand is easy to handle and doesn't feel bulky in your hand. The brush has a slight hourglass shape to it that grabs every lash and coats it with mascara, without applying too much.

I absolutely love this mascara! It's a quality product that is reasonably priced and delivers absolutely beautiful results that will not disappoint. The name says it all: lash paradise.

Cheers Xx.