Trend Styling: Vests

This is normally the point in the blog post where the author (that's me) says something along the lines of "I promise to be more diligent with posting" or comes up with some lame excuse about why they haven't been active on their blog in a long time. But I'm not going to do that for two reasons: 1) life will always get in the way, whether it's school or work or relationships of any sort 2) my reasons are my reasons and what's done is done, so there is no point in trying to explain myself or place the blame of my absence on something or someone else. Isn't it great to clear the air? :)

Now onto the trend!


Vests used to be that horrible transition piece that we all wore as kids as a way to fight off that October chill as we frolicked around the playground during recess. Vests used to be made of a large piece of felt that was dyed a horribly vibrant colour (most likely as a way for parents to be able to spot their children from any distance).

Now vests are chic. They come in basic tones, vibrant colours, many different textures, many different lengths, and are designed for nearly any type of weather. I recently purchased this vest from H&M. It is a glorious navy blue puffer vest with a faux fur lined detachable hood. 

The wonderful thing about vests is that they can be worn as a fashion piece, in place of a coat, or underneath a coat for added warmth. Here are some ways to style a vest Xx.

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