Wedding Bells

Well loves, summer is wedding season, and August seems to be the most popular month. I am going to be going to 4 weddings next month. And I made the huge mistake of getting too excited and doing all of my dress shopping 3 months in advance, only to realize last week that everything I bought needed some kind of alternation in order to make it more wedding appropriate (no one likes to lean forward to get the bottle of wine only to realize that they are flashing the next 2 tables).
After going through with my alternations, a decision was made (mostly by my mother) that I should get some new dresses that fit my perfectly off the rack and are appropriate as is.
But I'm so indecisive! So I narrowed down the competitors to four dresses (yes I realize that two are the same dress but a different colour..indecisive).
I am encouraging anyone that reads this to take the two minutes to choose their one or two favourites and right them in the comments below. And who knows, maybe you'll see a dress that will work perfectly for a wedding coming up in your life as well Xx.

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