Summer School

I had summer school this week. Don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds. I did not fall any classes or mouth off to any of my professors. I actually voluntarily chose to take a summer class this year.

Since I attend a liberal arts university of a private nature, I have to fulfill certain core requirements before I'm able to apply for graduation (apparently that is a thing universities do). These core requirements include taking courses outside of my major. So whether you're a science, humanities, or human kinetics student, you will be taking an art class, a history class, and other specific amounts of classes from every faculty that my schools offers. That make sense?

So this summer I decided to get my most time consuming requirement out of the way: art.

Because it's the summer time, the school managed to fit the entire course into 5 days. 5 incredibly long days, mind you.

Being me, I decided to make every day at school a fashion contest for myself. I was always trying to keep my outfits comfy but chic, on trend but not over the top, casual but not too casual. Savvy?

So I thought that I would make a masterpost of all my outfits that I wore to school throughout the week.

And I will include a picture of my final project from my class at the bottom of this post. Enjoy :)

 Topshop Shorts | Forever 21 Tee | Converse H&M Bag

 Zara Dungarees | Topshop Crop & Sandals | H&M Bag

 River Island Shorts | Zara Blouse | Keds | H&M Bag

 H&M Skirt | Topshop Tee & Hoody | Converse | H&M Bag

Topshop Dungarees & Crop | Keds | H&M Bag

And here is my project (btw this was a religious art class so the picture was not actually my choice)

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