Monthly Favourites

1. Shoes: Brogues. I have worn my brogues so much this past month! They are classy and easily dressed up or down, and also surprisingly comfortable. And because they cover my entire foot, my feet stay warm.

2. Clothes: Parka. As the weather here in BC quickly gets more and more frigid, I am surrounding myself with as many warm objects as possible, whether that be jumpers, scarves, tea, or my boyfriend 
(#goodforsomething #jokes)

3. Food: Tea. I have always loved having a cup of tea after work or school. But this month I went a little crazy. On average, I think I had 3 cups of tea a day...maybe 4. I have been really loving Tetley's Vanilla Earl Grey tea, and I have been recently introduced to Stash's Apple Cinnamon tea (even though I hate apple cider, I love this tea!)

4. Accessories: Infinity scarves. I got a black knit infinity scarf from H&M back in October and it hasn't left my neck since! Having a scarf around your neck keeps you so warm and toasty!

5. Music: Ed Sheeran & Clean Bandit. I have always enjoyed listening to Ed Sheeran, but recently a friend of mine introduced me to Clean Bandit's New Eyes album and it is AMAZING! Even though it's sound is so electronic, it's not bassy, so it works great for study music or just some great jams.

6. Beauty: eye makeup. I have been keeping my makeup routine painfully simple these past couple weeks, but I always have to have well defined eyebrows. I also can never leave my house without mascara on; I do not look awake without it.

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