Tying the Knot? Article Review

I know this isn't fashion/style/beauty related by just bear with me here :)

My cousin's wife recently posted this article on her Facebook profile. It's written by Matt Walsh, a blogger and all around master of words and ideas. The article? "Hey Young People: Now's The Time to Get Married and Have Kids"

In his article, Walsh talks about and debunks the social assumption that a person's twenties are a time to live it up, do crazy shit, and be as independent as possible. Using points referring to human biology, personal growth, love, and even finances, Walsh, in short, states that our twenties are a great time to get married and even start having kids!

I'm not trying to persuade you to adopt a new belief system about marriage and relationships, or even to change your current beliefs. This article is just a really good read! And Walsh brings up some really great points that I have frequently heard people use as excuses for postponing taking the plunge i.e. my boyfriend *rolls eyes*

Go check out the article and leave a comment below telling me what you thought of it Xx.

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