Summer Sun Skincare

Summer's here! Finally!

And with summer comes to usual array of activities: beach days, picnics in the park and, if you are a fellow Vancouverite, many bike rides around the Stanley Park Seawall.
Another expected Summer activity? Nursing that sunburn you got after being out in the sun all day.

I have had my fair share of sunburns and, to be quite honest, I am done with it. The pain, the dryness, and the peeling. Oh, the peeling! NO MORE.

As I was (ironically) nursing a pretty nasty sunburn a little while back, I got an email from the people at Reviews.com, asking me to write a post on a review they did recently...on the best sunscreens of 2017! It's like they knew.

In my opinion, the most important point that is made in the article is that any sunscreen with an SPF higher than 30 is basically useless. While the SPF (sun protection factor) of any sunscreen means that you will be protected from the damaging effects of the sun for that many times more than if you had no sunscreen. However. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every 2 to 3 hours because the first application will be sweat off or washed off as you swim. So even  though, mathematically, wearing SPF 50 has you protected for 500 minutes, you will need to reapply after 120 to 180 minutes.

Another important point that the article made is that you should be applying a water-resistant sunscreen. I know that this is a pretty simple point to make note of, but it is so easily overlooked. The same goes for powder and spray-on sunscreen. The ease of the application completely overshadows all of the lost and misdirected sunscreen.

The article ends with a list of the best sunscreens in four categories: coverage, sensitive skin,  face, and physical activity. Read the article for yourself to see what information stands out to you.
Read the article here.

Cheers, babes Xx.

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