An Everyday Workout

I love exercising. Whether it's going for a run, a bike ride, doing a yoga routine, or doing a weight routine, I really enjoy working out. However, I've always been very sporadic with my workouts, so when I exercise, I try to target every major muscle group. Here is what a typical workout looks like for myself: 

-arm circles
-side lunges
-jumping jacks

Weight Training:
-bicep curls
-dumbbell shoulder presses
-tricep extensions

-reverse hugs
-lat pull downs
-pull ups

-split squats
-glute bridges
-calf raises

-bicycle crunches
-v sits


Cool Down:

My warm ups are usually no longer than 5 minutes; they are just long enough to limber up a little bit and get your blood moving. Make a point of not exhausting yourself too early on though!
Weight training is my favourite part of any workout! I always do my weigh training in supersets of two different muscle groups. What this means is I pick two muscle groups (arms and legs, for example) and pick one exercise for each muscle. I do one set for the first muscle group and then do one set for the second muscle group immediately after; I repeat this three times.
As a way of intensifying my workouts, I add weights to all of my leg/glute exercises and my basic front planks.
I do many variations of planking. Front planks, seesaw planks, side planks, and hip twist planks.
When I walk for my cardio, I make sure my machine is set at a very high incline. This activates the glute muscles as well as every major muscle in your legs.

I hope this inspires some of you to try a new exercise, and maybe there are some experts/experienced people who see something in this workout that needs tweaking. If this is the case, please feel free to email me.

*Please be aware that I am not an expert or trained in fitness in anyway. It is very easy to injure yourself when working out, so please talk to an expert before trying something new.

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