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I need to talk about this:

The Cara Delevingne Bag.

When I first heard that this bag was in the works between Mulberry and Cara Delevingne, I was quite skeptical to say the least. Cara's style is so unique, edgy and modern, while Mulberry's designs are classic, timeless, and simplistic. I could not visualize how the bag would turn out.


Look at it! It's gorgeous! The shape is great, the versatility of going from a backpack to a handbag makes it so practical (even if the price isn't), and the variety of prints, designs, and sizes of the bag can appeal to anyone and everyone. 

This bag is sold in both quilted and smooth black leather, smooth oxblood leather, quilted green and blue leather, khaki and monochrome camo haircalf, and a beige smooth leather with lion head rivets.

My personal favourites from this collection are the beige, monochrome camo, and quilted black. 

The bag is sold in a mini size, medium/regular/whatever terms perks your interest, and large.

Because I am nowhere near being able to afford this gorgeous piece, I will settle for designing outfits with the bag instead. Enjoy Xx.

Shop the collection here.

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